What safety means to me…

Today I dove head first into my new career path.

Diving head first creates a migraine.

Information overload.

The class is an 8 week class (which frankly should be an entire semester long, but lets hear it for cramming!), 8 hour days, 3 days a week, 4 weeks in the classroom, 4 weeks clinical (on the facility floor).

We were informed this morning, Day 1, that we were already behind. So really our 8 week class is going to be a 6 week class due to the amount of people in the class (we have 14, should only be 9 or 10) and we have to split our testing into small groups, which delays half of us.


We did learn that after 24 hours of CLASS time, we can get a job. Essentially go to school and get paid for it.

Hello, full-time as of next week for me. Who doesn’t want to get paid.

I do.

Our first test is this Thursday. (did I mention that today was Day 1?)

Medical Terminology.

You know, PRN, LVN, EKG, EEG, TID, PO, NPO, BP, BFE…ok, that last one isn’t technically a medical term. But where our classroom sits (its in the basement of the basement), its fitting.

I made up flash cards. That was fun, considering the last time I made up flash cards, I was trying to learn my multiplication tables.

And that was just last year.


The first few weeks we can dress like a civilian, as long as out attributes aren’t hanging out. I am looking forward to the scrubs. It’s like being paid to wear your jammies to work.

Lets all remember that I already did this once before, about 14 years ago.

Lets all hope that I am a wee bit smarter than I was 14 years ago.

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