New fresh look. New fresh feel. New fresh attitude. Will it stick?

Hello blogosphere.

Every year, I write like a mad dog for week, and if you’re lucky, months at a time. And then I disappear.

I bet you are reading this and saying to yourself, “what makes this time ANY different?”

Nothing. Other than I got a bug in my butt, have been busy tracking a bazillion other blogs and have decided that I need to devote some extra TLC to mine.

I bet you’re excited. Really, you are. Deep down. Go look for it.

I’ll wait.

So, GOG has a new look, a new feel and hopefully a new writer…hahahaha. No really, I think I have had a brain transformation ans I have been keeping a…get ready for it…

Blog journal.

Yes! An entire notebook on things I can write about. I think I saw this idea somewhere else and thought “WOW, is she ridiculously organized, or has WAY too much time on her hands…”

So, friend, family, fans and haters. I am back. Writing away.

For now.

(Hey, at least I am being realistic.)



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