Its a Hairy situation!

All right ladies.

This is the start of something wonderful. This will revolutionize the beautification of the female gender, as we know it.

Ok, technically, women all over the world have done these sorts of things for ages, but I am sure many of them have been filed away in the category of  “maybe I’ll try it someday” or “That’s what my Grandma used to do!”

Well, its time to break out all those old remedies and recipes and do what our role models for years and years before us have done. We all remember looking at our grandmother and thinking how lovely she was, and how luxurious her hair looked each tome you saw her and thought “why can’t I look like that?”

Now you can! I am going to spend a week on different parts of our (much needed) physique and give tips and tricks to help make you smell great, look beautiful all while saving $$ and doing so organically.

Week One – Hair

This week I am going to focus on the focal point on most of us. Our mane. And yes, some days (don’t lie girls) it feels like a head of horsehair. Now think about it, when you see a horse, many times their hair is amazingly shiny and the texture is unbelievable. A few of these natural ideas may help you get that shiny texturefull (is that a word?) hair you have always wanted.

Oh, feel free to add your own Natural beauty ideas in the comment section.

Have you ever gone to take a shower and realized that you were out of your shampoo, and didn’t feel like running to your local (box) store to pick some up or driving to your professional salon to get it?

Try Eggs.

Yes, I said eggs.

Farm Fresh, Grade A from your fridge, eggs. Beat two fresh eggs in a cup of luke warm water and some lemon juice. Massage the mixture through your hair. Leave on for ten to fifteen minutes then rinse with cool water. A cool rinse revitalizes your hair by closing off the cuticle and suppressing the flow of oils. This gives your hair a natural shiny (not greasy) appearance. The egg acts as an emulsifier. The egg yolk surrounds the particles of oil and suspends them, leaving no oil behind. For you hot shower girls like me, this time, do without. Hot water and egg mixture = scrambled something in your hair. We are going for beauty, not an edible factor.


Cheap Beer.

Pabst Blue Ribbon in a can, cheap beer.

And its best served…warm. And flat.

Open a can of beer and let it sit overnight on your counter. After washing your hair using your regular regimen, mix the can of beer with about a tablespoon of olive oil. Pour the beer rinse onto your hair and work it through each strand, all the way to the tips. Rinse with lukewarm water. The beer ads shine and volume to the hair in a natural and effective way. The proteins from the malt and hops found in beer coats, rebuilds and repairs your damaged hair. This is great for you natural curly tops.

So beer isn’t exactly from a farm, but still. It’s a great cost effective tool that most of us have around.

Ok, so I have it around. This is a good reason for you to have it around too.


Another great (non farm) product that does wonders for your locks. Vodka essentially strips your hair of product build up.


Not the best word to use with hair, but it works. It works so well, you only should do it once a month.

Use a ¼ cup of vodka (doesn’t need to be fancy, but stay away from the flavored kinds) and mix with 1 cup of water. Pour over your hair, making sure to saturate it. Rinse with cool water and shampoo and condition as usual.

Maple Syrup.

Not Log Cabin or Mrs. Butterworth’s, but pure maple syrup. No added sugars. Maple Syrup does wonders for those pesky split ends.

1.  Pour room temperature maple syrup into a glass-measuring container.
2.  Detangle hair carefully from the ends to the roots.  Do not apply syrup to tangled hair,
3.  Starting approximately 1-2″ from the roots, drizzle the maple syrup through your hair.  You can use your fingers to smooth the syrup through.  If you prefer you can focus on only certain areas of your hair rather than pouring it all through your hair.

Note: The first time you use the syrup treatment you may wish to just apply a small amount to an isolated section of hair to make sure your hair responds well to the treatment.

4.  Apply to dry hair.  Some people may prefer to apply this to wet hair, but generally speaking it is recommended to apply this to dry hair.  I find for me that the syrup works best when I apply it from the ears down to the ends.  I also limit how much I use since I have so much hair.
5.  After you have applied the syrup put on a plastic shower cap, that you can either wash out or throw away, and then allow the syrup to remain on your hair from 30 minutes or longer.  Experiment to get the best time line for your own hair.

Note: You can also use a plastic wrap if you prefer.  Keep in mind that this hair mask is sticky.

6.   When the syrup mask is finished penetrating your tresses, remove the shower cap and step into a lukewarm shower and let the water run over your head to remove the syrup.
7.   After the syrup is completely rinsed out, use your desired cleansing formula whether it be Diluted Shampoo (DS) or Conditioner Only (CO) or some other method of choice.
8.   Finish with a cool/cold water wash.
9.   Towel blot and if possible allow hair to either towel or air dry.

The benefits of the maple syrup are similar to those of honey.  It gives the hair softness, body and lots of shine.  This also helps keep split ends at bay.  No it doesn’t repair those that are already there but it does help prevent new ones.

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Hair Boutique for this outstanding tip!

So gals. Pamper yourself. Each of these ideas should be something you have on hand or can get easily for cheap. Please let me know if you try any of these ideas and how it turned out.

Remember: that what works for one head of hair may not work for others and proceed at your own risk.

Go forth and be BEAUTIFUL!


2 responses to “Its a Hairy situation!

  1. Have you tried all of these?

    • I have tried all but the maple syrup treatment. The vodka rinse is AMAZING if you are a heavy product user. Let me know which one works for you if you go ahead and experiment.

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