It’s not your Granddaddies Aloe (or maybe it is…)

Our family hit the water park the other day and 2 out of 3 of us are fair-skinned, needing loads of Bullfrog to make it through the day.

I on the other-hand, am half Portuguese, and have been blessed with olive skin that reddens from prolonged exposure, but in term, turns to tan fairly quickly. I happened to have a spot on my shoulders that seemed to need some tender love and care once we got home, so I reached for my trusty bottle of 100% Aloe gel. I don’t think I have ever read the front of the bottle closely before, but this day I noticed a little blurb that stated “Great as a hair gel too!”


This made me go into research mode, and low and behold, there are some great multiple uses for Aloe. Hair gel, infection relief and personal lubricant (didn’t see THAT one coming, did ya?)

Here is a great blog that covers many of these and more!

Not just for sunburns anymore…


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