The Little Pink Box.

I think I have found my new favorite thing.

I was scouring the Internets one day for an item I use for my face, that I could not seem to locate in any store in my area. After getting mad and frustrated and swearing that I would NEVER SHOP THOSE STORES AGAIN (until I needed something else), I took to the web.

I. Loathe. Internet. Shopping.

I do not have the patience to wait weeks for what I need…er want, today. I would rather get in my bazillion degree car with no working air conditioning and drive around town for hours and hours looking for it, than buy it online. That is just how I roll.

Yet, at this point, I needed it and NO ONE had it. That never happens to me. I was mad.

I’m over it now.

Sort of.

Anywhoo…I stumbled upon this cute site (really, it was on stumbleupon) that tells me I can sample all kids of top products from top designers and see what i like, don’t like, love, hate and if I find that I really like something, I can order the full size version right from them and many times it comes with FREE shipping.

Well, we know how much I love to order online (have I told you I don’t like to order anything online?), so i will probably sample product and then find it near me, unless I can’t (enter angry face) and then I will just order through this cool site.

What is this cool site?

Birchbox. Its neat. Its cool. Its everything you want in a try it out and see if you like it kind of place. Its makeup, beauty products, hair, grooming…you name it.

Its just…awesome.

I have signed up. And it’s only $10.00 a month to subscribe.

That’s nothing!

I am doing you a favor and referring you. (you can and will thank me later)

Use this link. Tell them I sent you.

Tell them. TELL THEM NOW!


Then come back and tell me about all the cool stuff you get when your little pink box is delivered.

OH! It’s got stuff for men too.

Tell your husbands, boyfriends, dads, brothers, pool boys…tell everyone.




One response to “The Little Pink Box.

  1. I’ve been a member for about 4 months and love it. I have found great new products this way. Definitely worth the $10!

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