Blue Star of the Twilight.

Thursday the 25th of July was the end of an era for me. The end of my burgeoning youth, I like to say. I, my friends, hit the BIG 4-0.

To celebrate (or mourn, still trying to decide just what it was), I hosted a small (really small. Everyone flaked) BBQ at my home with burgers, pasta salad, homemade baked beans and beer. Lots of beer.

After the eating festivities, we took a jaunt to Pioneer Park to partake in the 2013 Twilight Concert Series. The Flaming Lips took the stage (after what only could be described as a “noisy train wreck that desperately tried to resemble music” support band). Needles to say, for about an hour, we wandered the park in search of something to do.

We happened upon a darling little food cart that screamed for me to approach it. It’s bright blue and has an old timey “come and get your remedy for all your woes” appeal to it. “Open” placard wooden letters in blue one side of the window, “Pick Up” on the other side.

Blue Star Juice Cart

Blue Star Juice Cart

To its left sat a funk-chic hand crafted hand written chalk board menu, telling you all about the wonders of the fresh squeezed juice they offer. I quickly found that I was attracted to the Watermelon Lime juice. $4 for a 16 oz glass and they offer $2 refills (awesome). My hubs opted for the $2 Iced Coffee with flavor enhancers to add such as cane sugar syrup, real vanilla syrup, hazelnut, or agave.

Chalk Board Menu

Chalk Board Menu

Watermelon Lime Juice

Watermelon Lime Juice

There was a lull in the line for the Blue Star Juice cart, so I had a chance to chat for a moment with George. Asked him how long he has been slinging fresh squeezed concoctions? He states six years. Has a location seated at the north entrance of the Canyon Rim neighborhood (2300 E). You can find him and his lovely assistant each week at the concert or on Saturdays at the Farmers Market in SLC. He likes that on concert nights, he can sit (or stand, no seats in his little mobile business) and chat with his customers. Saturdays he is busy busy busy. You can follow George on his blog ( and get the 411 on him and his shop on his site (

All in all, coming into 40 was fun and tasty and I think I’ll do it again next year. Well, 41 at least.


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