Shiny Happy People…

No, it’s called Sparkpeople.

I have a girlfriend who found this site and introduced me to it.

Its has everything that the other weight loss tracking site has, without the monthly fee. THAT was the clincher for me.

Nor that there is anything wrong with the other site.

I am just cheap.

And poor.

You login and create your personal page that fits your personal weight loss goals (or healthy living goals, but let’s get real here people. I am all about the fat coming off. M-kay?), and it allows you to track your nutrition while helping you with a specialized meal plan, which you don’t have to follow, it’s just there.

Staring at you.

Mocking you when you bypass it and enter your own foods.

But do not be intimidated. This is a good thing. Its motivation to want to eat the stuff on the meal plan. Because its good for you.

And that is TOO a good thing.

It can match you up with others in the same or similar plight you are in, either by your area, age, goals, food you like, the list goes on and on.

One of my groups was “30 somethings who need to lose [blank]” or “Oregonians lose to WIN”

Really. Who comes up with the names of these groups?

I am going to give it 30 days and see if its beneficial to my WLG.

No meetings to attend, no weigh ins.

Just you, your pudge and God.

And he’s telling you your fat and to get with the program.



One response to “Shiny Happy People…

  1. Glad you went there! I was happy cause this morning I ate yogurt, banana, and whole wheat english muffin…on other so called “diets” I would have killed myself for EATING THOSE CARBS!! I love eating normal while watching my caloric intake! Let’s do it!

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