What is it about the first weeks of the year…?

We all sit around (or stand, or dance , or do whatever you may be doing) on December 31st, staring at the clock at 11:55pm, waiting for the ball to drop. What is going through your mind during those last few minutes of the year?

I usually spend New Years Eve hanging out with friends and family, playing games or watching movies. By the time I realize that the New Year has taken place, I am either asleep and find out in the morning, or its 12:05am and all the moment has passed.

This year, it was just us. Me, Mr. Gates and our two offspring. We played a board game (which Russell legitimately won, without cheating or us having to throw the game so he could win, because he is a REALLY BAD looser) and watched the big fireworks from upstairs. It was a laid back, quiet night. And I had time to reflect.

I decided, back before the New Years Eve festivities, that I was not going to get all caught up in New Year hype and declare all the things I was going to do, change, fix, improve or try in the New Year. I decided my New Years Resolution was…not having a New Years Resolution.

I have stuck to my plan quite well, I must say. Its Jan 11th, and I am my regular, normal, everyday, un-new and improved self.

And I hate it.

Its Jan 11th. 11 days into 2011, and I am just like I was 12 days ago.

I was/am unsatisfied with myself.

Don’t get me wrong. Me as a person, I’m AWESOME! I am outgoing and bubbly and friendly and just as charming as I always am.

I’m just still fat.

THAT is what I am unsatisfied with. And THAT is what I am going to change.

For Christmas we bought the kids this neat component to their Xbox 360. Its called a Kinects, and it allows you to play your games controller-less. Think of the Wii, without having to hold onto anything. Kinects, reads your body and face and associates you with your profile. Its neat.

It has some really fun games. Thing is, they are really physical games. We bought Dance Central, which is a hoot, but man, it will kick your butt if you are a smidgen out of shape (raises hand). You shake rattle and roll parts that you didn’t know could shake rattle and roll. You laugh and man, you sweat. 2 songs into it and I needed a cold shower.

But, it was FUN. I had a good time. And I think I burned some serious calories. I can only think of one other activity that is as fun and burns as many calories, but this is a family show.

So, I have given in. I have made that fateful declaration as so many before me have.


But, I will have fun doing it. That’s what’s going to be different. I am not going to let it turn into work. I am just going to adapt my lifestyle into it.

I already do some of the things that will give me a jump-start:

*I do not drink soda

*I watch my HFCS intake

*I do not add salt to anything

*I eat whole grains and all natural foods

I just need to make sure I keep my portions under control. I can eat whole wheat bread and be healthy. It just doesn’t help when I eat the whole loaf. And a pound of butter.

I need to exercise. This is where the Kinects is going to help. I am going to get EA Active 2 and use it. I may actually borrow my kids bike and use that too. I will have fun and burn calories.

And I may let my husband help me in that area too.




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