My Musings.

Taking over the world. One post at a time.

You ever have moments of complete clarity? Those AHA! times when you can see clearly into what looks like it could be your future? No? Well I do. About 3x a week. No kidding. Now don’t get me wrong, I never said my vision wasn’t fuzzy or that I didn’t have schizoid AHA! moments.

Last week, I saw, clear as day, a blog. Really, it was right there floating in my head. “What do I do with this?” I ask myself…(I do have the need to talk in 3rd person a little bit. Bare with me). And, from this I have come to the conclusion that I will post my thoughts and what if’s and whadd’ya thinks for all of you to see.

I may have a tendency to ramble incoherently sometimes, but usually I will catch myself and get back on some sort of focused path I had set out on. It just might take a while.

With this, my dear readers, I leave you to your own wild thoughts and musings on life and what we make of it. And believe me, I would love to hear about each and every one of them.


One response to “My Musings.

  1. This is therapy Darby, just write and exhale. You will be a happier person as you let your writing out.

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