And I just store my spaghetti sauce in it…

Did you know that there is kind of a cult following of sorts, an obsession, a coveting of…Pyrex?

I didn’t.

I knew Pyrex existed. I own pieces. I have inherited them from my Mother.

They are used. And old. And scratched. And stained. And used. I store tomato sauce and mashed potatoes and mac n cheese and gravy and all types of foods in them in my fridge. (And yes, I realize that we don’t eat real healthy, thank you…)

Did you know they have numbers assigned to them? And styles/patterns?

Like #404, #402, Butterprint, Fridgy…it’s almost maddening.

There are pages dedicated to the sale and swaps of them on Facebook. They are super popular on Ebay.

People build shelving and cabinetry and shrines to them in their homes. They display them like Ming vases and Wedgwood.

And then there is me. Who stores them on the top shelf of my dinner plate cupboard. And puts them on the bottom of my fridge, filled with leftovers and topped with saran wrap or tinfoil.

The horror.

Mashed Potatoes and Mac n Cheese love these bowls.


My Thanksgiving Gravy thanks this bowl for its support.



Spaghetti, Spaghetti Sauce and all things Tomato have lived in these.



Many a fruit salad had graced this piece.


Promo Piece

I store leftover taco meat in this.


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