But wait! There’s more…

I woke up this morning pretty pleased with the fact that I had most of my major responsibilities done by mid-week, even with me having been gone most of last week on vacation.

I kind of rolled out of bed at a snail’s pace and sauntered down the stairs around 8:00am and headed towards the kitchen to brew that pot o’ gold that is required for me to be a functioning human being. I sat around waiting for said pot to brew and clicked around on the internet and then decided that maybe I would take a look at what was on the tele.

At this point, no one was awake that I knew of. My oldest had spent the night at a friend’s house and my youngest wasn’t making any noise (in some instances, this could be potentially dangerous). Mr. Gates was sawing logs so I was pretty much on my own.

I poured the liquid crack into my favorite coffee mug and sat down again to do lots of nothing.

Then it hits me.

I have like 5 tests to do today, a discussion board, a group board and a hypothesis.

School started last week, and to kill time on the plane, I read most of my chapters, thanks the Lord. But I came home and life happened and I got busy with work and kids and everything else, I forgot I planned to push it all off until Saturday.


Its Saturday.

This is the one time I am not happy that its Saturday already.

Coffee, anyone?



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