Cold as ice.

Summer. The Season of 96+ degree weather, sprinklers, water parks, popcicles and ice cream.

Speaking of ice cream, don’t you hate it when you go to scoop out this

With this

It feels like this?



It never fails. And I am frankly tired of either letting the ice cream melt to get it out (I have a melted ice cream phobia…it weirds me out) or having to call Mr. Gates to come and do it for me (that weirds HIM out). It’s not scoops at that point, its more like chunks or blobs of un-proportioned…something.

So, I have learned to pretend I am at 31 Flavors, and I have figured out their secret.

Putting this

In a cup of this



Voila! Cold ice cream in perfect scoops.



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