Daily Rant.

Whilst on Facebook, because I am on Facebook daily, I am noticing more and more posts about the Biebs. Love him or hate him, he is everywhere. He is the “it” factor for the moment. You cannot go anywhere, watch anything, read anything that does not include, reference or show Justin Bieber and his hair.

His hair…lol. It needs to be a part of his persona like…say, Gladys Knight and the Pips. His hair is like the Pips. Amazing. One cannot be complete without the other.

Here is my schpeal on The Biebs.

I will not deny that the kid has some sort of talent. I will not deny that his marketability factor is off the charts.I will say that he is just like all the other talented marketable kids that have come through the pike, and fizzled out when their mouths got bigger then the leash they are attached to.

Justin Bieber has made it known to the world about how he feels for the good ol’ US of A. He doesn’t like our health care. He doesn’t like our politics. He doesn’t like the attention he gets from the paparazzi. For 16, he sure is opinionated.

He gave an interview to Rolling Stone Magazine that was telling on what he “thinks”. ABC highlighted many of these thoughts in an article on Feb 17, 2011.

Here is my issue. And I will address them as a sort of letter to the Biebes:

Dear Mr. Bieber.

I feel that it is my duty as an American citizen that has you, your music, your hair and your opinions shoved down my throat on a daily basis, to discuss these things with you.

On Politics. You say, quote, “I’m not sure about the parties. But whatever they have in Korea, that’s bad.” Really? Really, Justin? This is your BIG statement on politics? Thank you for the valuable insight.

On Health Care. You say, “You guys are evil.” and “Canada’s the best country in the world. We go to the doctor and we don’t need to worry about paying him, but here, your whole life, you’re broke because of medical bills. My bodyguard’s baby was premature, and now he has to pay for it. In Canada, if your baby’s premature, he stays in the hospital as long as he needs to, and then you go home.” Have you been watching the news the past few weeks or so? Baby Joseph ring any bells for ya?

On Fame in America. You say, “I hate paparazzi. They’re stalkers with a camera. If someone’s following you, that’s automatically a crime, but if they have a camera, it’s OK? I don’t agree with that at all.” Ok, that one I think I may actually agree with you on, but still. If you don’t want all the fame and fortune, don’t come here and look for it.

I think that you should be grateful for the fame and fortune you have. Your Mother may have been pushy and controlling and the poster girl for Stage Mom Monthly, but if it wasn’t for her and her swindling ways to get you seen and heard over here in the great land of Oz, you’d still be singing show tunes and hymns on the street corner in Ontario.

A non fan, but a concerned Mom.

Ok, I feel better. I just hope that maybe someone out there will point this stuff out to him. To have him think before he speaks, or at least run his opinions by his Mom first. I mean come on…

He has to run everything else by her first.

Til next time.


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