Do these heels go with these flannel pants?

It’s not your Mommas workforce.

Gone is the day of working at home means you are a humbled housewife.

No sir.

Some of us get up in the morning, wearing our comfys, our bunny slippers, rollers in our hair, wander out into the kitchen, pour a cup of joe (if we are lucky, its fresh, not 2-days old), plant it in front of our computers and get to work. We network, we video phone and negotiate contracts, we seek the advice of our associates and give advice to our clientele. We work at home.

Some do all of the above and create masterpieces, works of art, all with baked goods. Cakes and cupcakes, and cookies and other should- be- illegal- in- 48- states kind of fattening goodness.

Some do ALL of that and MORE. We call them…Mothers.

No longer are you delegated to get up at 0’dark 30, spend hours upon hours making yourself look presentable to high tale it out of the house to sit behind a desk for 9 hours. You can do it all from the comfort of your couch. Or your Lazyboy. Or heck, your bed. AND you can poop in private.

5.6 million women in the US are working stay at home moms. According to the 2002 US SBA report, Women-owned firms accounted for 6.5 percent of total employment in U.S. firms.

To me, this screams “WE can do ANYTHING!”. We are able to keep a (fairly) clean house, raise (fairly) well-behaved and well-rounded children, maintain a (sane) albeit healthy marriage AND work, go to school…etc.

In the famous words of a good friend and fellow working woman, Cassi (and every parent/guidance counselor and HR manager you have ever come across) “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have…”

I want to be Samantha from Bewitched. I somehow don’t see me wearing a mini dress and gogo boots anytime soon, tho.

be successful at whatever you do, wherever you do it, wearing whatever you please. It’s all in your frame of mind. If you are positive about your life and who you are, how could you not be?

But, if you long to be, or are currently a fry cook…Don’t do it naked.


One response to “Do these heels go with these flannel pants?

  1. Lady, I’m loving this post! I’m so glad that the days of June Cleaver are well behind us, because there is no way my wanna-be work uniform involves petticoats and pearls. It’s all I can do to pull my hair into a ponytail and find a clean (read: free of powdered sugar hand prints) pair of jeans!

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