I know I have WAY better things to do with my life.

Like laundry.

Cleaning the bathroom.

Scrubbing the grout of my tile.

Plucking my eyebrows.

Providing world peace.

But I somehow cannot get over the fact that I JUST figured out how to navigate and use the OLD new Facebook, and now they go and mess it all up again.


I am getting NO notifications of people who choose to comment on my photos or posts. The “Most Recent” posts, are something like 8 hours old.

I have 400 friends…really? The last one to update was 8 hours ago?

I vaguely remember thinking how lame MySpace was because it went through a transition phase, to end up looking like (the old) Facebook a while back. Now I am thinking I am going to start using them again.

Ok, not really. But can you blame my line of thinking?

All the navigation tabs are in the wrong places. My friends are in the wrong spot. My home is on the wrong side. I just want my current status updates back.

I love all of you, my FB friends, but I don’t really want to know about all of your quizes, or groups you join, or friends you make, or Farmville stuff you need or get (and STOP SENDING THE REQUESTS TO ME).

I just want it back…like the good ol days.

I guess until then, and if my rants and raves are not heard, I will resume my list of better things I could be doing.

Like dishes.

Washing the dog.

Scrubbing my oven out.

Painting a fence.

Writing a Health Care Bill.

Comeback Facebook. Come back.


One response to “FaceSpace.

  1. I got a laugh out of this one. I don’t remember the “old” FB. You write pretty good. Seriously. Keep it up.

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