Ho Ho Holiday Cards

Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Shutterfly is giving away 50 free Holiday Cards“…isn’t that how the song goes?

No? It should.

With a deal like this, they should shout it from the rooftops! Write in in the sky! Have all the bloggers in the world blog about it and then share it and the proper links with all of their friends!


So, what in the world are you waiting for?


Your waiting for me.

Typical, right?

So, just because I love you (yes, you), I will show you where to go to get the goods (and lemme tell you, they’re good.)

Here you go:




Holiday Cards, Photo Mugs, Desk Calendars, Birthday, Greeting, Every Day, Just because…cards cards cards. Custom Custom Custom.

Add your photo, your kids photos, photos of your dogs, photos of your kids with the dogs. Anything. Make it personal.

I am making photo postcards for our Christmas cards this year. Simple and easy and quite beautiful.

Not to mention FREE.

And for those of you who may not get them for free, they are not going to break your bank.

Go. Go now.

What are you waiting for.

Go get ’em.


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