I thought about my life today…

I thought about my life today.

It crossed my mind, then went away.

I wondered what that meant to me.

I set about to look and see.

I saw a path laid out in gold.

And then a path, that looked quite old.

I took the one that said “go here”.

And realized, it was paved in fear.

I turned to head the other way,

Then heard a voice scream out “No, STAY”.

I said that it was time to go.

It hollered back a great loud “NO”.

It stomped its foot and shook its fist.

It threw a tantrum in the mist.

I told it I was going now.

I left, and sighed a solemn “wow”.

I headed back to where I was.

And saw a sign that said “Because”.

“Because I waited for you to go,

The way I knew you should not go,

You learned to trust and break apart,

To hear Gods voice within your heart.

I laid this path of gold for you.

I see all the things that you can do.

I leave for you your life to live.

To think about and then to give,

A chance for you to share your walk

To tell about our little talk.

To say the path less traveled on,

Is the one that leads beyond,

Your fears and resentments and carries you through

To a life with purpose

And that purpose is you”.

– Darby Gates, 2010


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