If it’s THIS hard to get, do I really need it?


What, might you be asking?


I have had a hankering for a nice glass of wine. Just something to sip on while I rest my aching back and tender feet from a long day of…well, doing stuff that ached my back and tendered my feet up.

Back in the day, I used to live in this amazing place, where I could drive down to my local grocery, pick up the staples like Milk, Eggs, Bread, Cheese, Wine, Vodka and Tequila. Thia heavenly place was called California. Then we picked up and moved to Oregon and we had to purchase the later gems at a liquor store. Not so bad. It was usually next door to the grocery store, so I could still get the other stuff.

The we moved to Utah.

Now we have to go to the STATE LIQUOR STORE. And that is just what its like too. It’s this one lone dark and lonely building in the middle of nowhere with a GIANT sign that screams “YOU’RE BUYING BOOZE YOU LUSH” to everyone. You feel guilty for walking in there and then you feel dirty when you come out (or maybe that is just residual remnants of my Catholic upbringing…).

Well, SO WHAT! Sometimes I just want a nice drink with my dinner, or a drink while a watch a movie. And yes, I cook with it too. I will march in that cement block gray cold building with my head held high and I will get that bottle of Merlot and I will feel good about it.

And does it really matter that I only pay with cash, make them put it in a brown paper sack and that I refer to myself as Matilda?




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