I’ll be so happy loving you.

This morning, after I got to watch my hour of Gilmore Girls (see this post), I stuck around on my couch to finish indulging in my hot cup of coffee (vienna roast with a hint of hazelnut) and warm buttered toast (I am a creature of simple things), and watched a full episode of Full House. It just happens to come on after GG. I have not watched this show since I was about 12 I think. After watching it today, I know why.

Today’s episode was the one where Jesse (John Stamos. Oh how I used to yearn for him and his perfectly combed black hair) and Rebecca (Lori Loughlin) were finally married in their full 80’s dress regalia, HUGE puffy sleeves and enough lace to cover the entire Eastern Seaboard, pastel colors like peach and rose and…no offense to those who were big fans of large lavish early 90’s style weddings. Ok. Back to my point. This episode, and although I loathe the series now as an adult, has my favorite TV wedding scene of all-time. Who wouldn’t want to be serenaded by their groom, on piano, with a full gospel choir singing behind them, on the day of their wedding? I don’t know, but I sure the heck would have!

When I was about 12, I dreamed that I was going to get married and that my husband to be would sing this song to me. I actually just figured it would be John Stamos, but hey, a girl can dream.

I know, some of you are giggling about this, believe me, I was after I watched it this morning. I still, somewhere down inside, want to be that 12 yr old girl who got to have her dream come true. I love that song. I love that scene. It brings me back to my childhood.

And think about it. IF my dream DID come true, I’d have already got my millions off of Mr. Stamos’s royalties, divorced him and still would have married Mr. Gates. I’d just be a wee bit wealthier. But thank goodness I didn’t have to wear that ridiculous dress. Again, no offense early 90’s brides.

But really, lace AND peach pastel?

Have Mercy.


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