It’s our Patriotic duty.

I have heard nothing but “What are we going to do for the 4th of July, mom?” for weeks now. It’s not that I mind, really, it’s just that although I am really very on top of most holidays with the planning and decorating and food buying, 4th of July has never been one of those holidays for me.

I don’t know really. Is it because by the time we get through Memorial Day (which we always have a BBQ and party), I am stars and striped out? Is it because the thought of hanging outside in 100+ degree weather on a weekday (95% of the time) freaks me out? I would love to know the deeper psychological meaning behind this. Right now its just because I am tired and cranky and hot and budgeting and frankly, I just didn’t think about it.

But, for the sake of my children’s memories of me being a cool mom, I shall come up with something.

Here are some fun ideas for families to do to celebrate Independence Day.

See Fireworks. Most likely, somewhere in your neck of the woods, some city is putting on a grand Fireworks display of some sort, and most of the time you can drive to a nice vantage point, park your car, bring out some snacks and watch. We can do this from our front porch as the city parks and ball stadiums put on great shows and all we have to do is look left or right.

Have a BBQ. Its simple to que up some burgers or dogs, be adventurous andmake chicken or kabobs. Invite your neighbors and ask them to bring a side dish or dessert to share and their choice of drink. Buy red, white and blue plates and cups. Make fruit punch, blue kool-aid and ice water. Turn on some music. Play lawn games. Heck, close off your block or street and make it a party!
Go to a parade. Like the fireworks spectacular, many cities will have a parade in the morning. Bring your blankets or chairs, get their early and cheer on the fun!

Play in the water. Hey, its summer. Hit a beach (if you’re near one). Go to a water park. Hangout at the community pool, or if you have your own, hang out in yours. Its HOT. Cool off!

Let us know what you are going to do or what you did!

Happy 4th!!


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