Its rearing its ugly head again.

For about a week, I was face first with warm weather here in Salt Lake. I could walk out of my house with a short-sleeved shirt and only needed maybe a light sweater. It was wonderful. No frozen appendages. No worrying about if the blue tone to my skin clashed with my outfit that day. I was on the road to happiness.

Then it happened.

I went to sleep with dreams of park days and picnics, and woke up to…

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I come from a town where the only two seasons we have are rain and wind. The four seasons are nice. I like snow, I do. But when Mother Nature flaunts spring in our faces and then in a matter of seconds, takes it away from us, we get a little crabby.

Plus, the idea of warm weather was going to allow me back into my exercise routine of brisk 4 mile walks.

Well, now THAT’S shot.



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