Leaving on a Jet Plane

Its amazing the things you see at 4:30 am in an airport.

As I sit at SLC Int’l I can look in just about any direction and see just about any sort of person.

See the guy next to me? (pretend, mmkay?) He is all dressed up in his digs, a very nice and expensive and, ok, sorry but…uncomfortable business suit to fly to wherever (Phoenix, is my guess since that is where this plane is landing, and he IS sitting in my gate). He is reading the WSJ and drinking a venti triple somethingorever.

Across from me are two guys who look like they flew in here to party, rolled out of bed in their jammies and are sleeping off the week they had all before the plane boards (oh, and one snores REALLY loud…lol)

Behind me is a family of, I kid you not, 8. Two very exhausted parents and 6 noisy very AWAKE little kids, all under 10. Cute. Ok kids, go play somewhere else.

I am off to Sacramento for six days to visit friends and family. Planning a reunion and celebrating St. Patty’s day in style. I am sans husband and children and even though I have only been away from home for less than an hour, I miss them terribly. But, I am sure they will survive without me for a few days and frankly, mommy needs the break 🙂

Ok, don’t look now, but the snoring guy…he’s drooling.



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