Life in a Northern Town.

We are actually considered South Western (in Oregon speak). Our little town (of about 9,000) sits about 8 miles east of the Pacific. If you get to the highest points around town, you can see the ocean. It’s an amazing sight. If I leave my driveway, my tootsies can be in the water on Sunset Bay beach in 10 minutes. It’s awesome.

What we loose in big city amenities, we make up for in small town charm. We may not have a state of the art mall with all you need shopping at our fingertips (thank goodness. There was a reason I was always so Broke in Cali), or high-class high cost eateries, but we do have some of the most breathtaking scenery and nicest people you’ll find anywhere.

Don’t get me wrong, we do have our faults. I mean, there is that one intersection that takes a million years for the light to turn green on your side, or the one exit out of the little mall we have, that is a pain in the rear to try to turn left out of. We also have that one 1/2 hour where there may be a delay in traffic due to the buses letting off the kids at their stops. But I mean, that’s it.

If I want the big city life, I hop in my car and drive east for an hour and a half and I have it. All the shopping, all the food, and all the traffic and headache anyone could ever ask for.

I grew up in a city where we had over a million people, and our city wasn’t all that big. When we moved up here, I had to acclimate myself. I had to learn NOT to freak out on the roads. I learned to walk everywhere, because it only takes about 30 min to cross my town, end to end. I actually know my neighbors, and the people at our local stores know our names. We wave to each other on the street (and not just because we are in the same model car). Small town living is friendlier and better for my mental health.

I got to thinking about this today and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it here. I miss you all in the big city, and I promise to come visit, but that’s all I can promise. I think the big city life is a thing of the past for me.

Unless I need some shoes.


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