Mountain Air, City Slickers.

I can look out my little porthole of a front window and see the Rockies. As the sun comes over the horizon I have to gasp at the beauty of it all. Vivid oranges and yellows with a hint of pinkish red. Slightly, shimmering in the new morning sun, are the tips of the outline that belongs to Salt Lake City. When the sun hits it just right, I can run up to the upstairs window and see the Temple in silhouette.

It always amazes me that I wake up to this on a daily basis. I take it all in, have my morning cup of Joe and I set off into my day.

Then I get into my car, and I drive downtown.




What is it with people, specially those who are bipedal, tooling around town, like they are the only freaking people on the planet at that time? The cross walk sign, that tells you that you only have 18 seconds to make it across the street before the light changes is there for a REASON. It’s not just flashing decorations at you for your enjoyment! It means that in 18 seconds, if you have not moved your…you-know-what across the street with a quickness, I am going to run it over with my car. And my car is MUCH bigger and faster than you.

OH! And why is it that those on the inside lanes on a 3 lane causeway, seem to be the ones that are driving around like they are taking a tour of the Smithsonian. Have they never heard the saying…”Pass on the left (hello, fast lanes) you’ll be the leader. Pass on the right (hello, slow freaking people) you’ll see Saint Peter.” I, for one, do not plan on seeing that guy for a LONG time, so GET OVER!

After a few hours of screaming, and ranting and cursing all the other drivers on the road, I come home, ask God for his forgiveness, and then I wait for the dusk to begin. The city is just as beautiful when the sun goes down. Deep purples and blues that fade into a black midnight. The light catches the skyscape in just a glimpse of sereneness before it goes dark.

And I do it all over again the next day.



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