My private Stars Hollow.

Have you ever sat down to watch something on the television set, not really having anything in mind that you wanted to watch, so you randomly browse the channels until you happen upon a show that looks quirky enough to capture your attention, and then you realize “How have I NEVER watched this show???”. (By the way, that is a REALLY long sentence).

I was eating my cereal this morning in the living room (Big No-No. Mmm, Honeycombs. Stolen from the kids shelf in the pantry…hehehee) and tuned into The Gilmore Girls. Um, where has this show been? Let me rephrase that. Where have I been? I have never watched this show before. I had heard of it, but when it was popular, I was either too busy or didn’t care at the time. Darn it, I care now. And now it’s not a popular program. I don’t believe they are making new episodes any longer. I am stuck watching the show in the morning at 8:00 am on ABC Family. And the storyline is somewhere in “you should have watched the prior four seasons” and “you better keep watching because we aren’t going to wrap it up in this season either”.

In the one-hour episode I watched this morning (Season six, episode 13 “Friday nights alright for fighting”), I immediately began to relate to these woman, Lorelai and Rory. I could see myself, in Stars Hollow (a darling quaint little town that I want to move to someday). I could easily run an Inn. Really, I’d find the time. I want to leave my cute kitschy house and walk down the lane into my cute kitschy town and go see my boyfriend at the diner he owns…ok, maybe Mr. Gates would oppose to that last one, but you get my drift. I absolutely fell in-love with those girls.

Here in lies the problem. I can totally see myself scheduling my entire life around the airing of this show. Monday – Friday at 8:00 am Pacific Standard Time, is Gilmore Girl time. How sad is that? I will be scheduling classes, Dr’s appointments, and meetings all around this show. I will slowly become obsessed like I have before on so many other things before. My DVR is going to be stuffed full with Gilmore Girl shows, stacking up, waiting to be watched by me.

That is, if I haven’t had the life sucked out of me at 8:00 am PST, Monday – Friday.


3 responses to “My private Stars Hollow.

  1. I was going to recommend the DVDs but your friends beat me to it!! =) Excellent friends.

    I do want to pass on this little tidbit: Don’t bet your whole schedule on the 8am things. A lot of the cable stations like to do the “we are doing this schedule for the next 4 months and wait until you are hooked and then unhinge you by mixing things up and make it impossible for you to watch it”

    So, be careful

  2. I LOVE Gilmore Girls! I started watching it years ago, while it was still on, but long after it was popular. I still DVR it (on ABC Family… it also airs on SOAP). I’ve seen every episode at least five times, and yet I can’t stop watching. I actually get angry if the hubs erases an episode I haven’t watched (you know, for the sixth time).

  3. They are on DVD. Ask for them for your bday. And I don’t watch that show, but welcome to my life. “LOST” is back in a few short weeks and can I tell you I have had *NOTHING* in the last 8 months for me to look forward to. But – my life can resume, “LOST” is almost here!!!

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