The A B C’s of…what?

**If you are easily offended by the opinions of others, please read no further. This is strictly my thoughts and feelings on a subject.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my kids. I love seeing their little faces as they wake up from the much-needed sleep that we told them they needed at 8:30 the night before (whether they needed it or not…oh, the perks of being a parent). I just love seeing those faces on weekdays, and then stuffing them with breakfast, throwing their clothes on and sending them out the door to school. You know, school? That magical place that takes your kids for the day, so you can get all of your own stuff done, or go to work, if you are so inclined to do. Yea, that place.

Around here, school is just a suggestion. Really. I mean, we don’t go 9 days without a 1/2 day or day off for some persons birthday, or anniversary or day to work on stuff in the classrooms where the kids should be. God forbid they attend an entire week without interruption. I mean, is that just crazy talk or what?

I remember in the days of my youth…years and YEARS ago, we went to school. Everyday. We only got out of school on established national vacation days. Like Christmas. Spring break. Maybe a Presidents birthday. Maybe. Heck, if we didn’t fulfill our weekly duties, we had to go on Saturdays sometimes. If there was the potential threat of a disaster, or alien invasion even, guess what? We stayed at school. And we hid under our desks. I mean, whats  a safer place? None of this “oh look, the wind changed…lets take a day off.” or “Hey, the endangered squirrel of Oregon is in its mating season, lets take a day off…”. Nonsense.

And, we as parents, wonder why our children struggle. We wonder why they are not as educated as they could be. We wonder why they turn out to be so lazy. We are amazed when we give them a task and half way through it, they want to stop. It’s because they are not used to working for long periods of time without a hiatus.

Oh, it’s not just the children. Our educators have fallen into this trap, too. If they had a real job, they would have to go to work for 5 WHOLE DAYS IN A ROW. For the full 10 hours. That is just insane I tell you. Insane.

Well, wake up and smell the chalk dust America. Its time we get back into the mode of teach teach teach. Learn learn learn. None of this skim the syllabus stuff. Have actual lesson plans. Teach about actual truthful history. World history. Including the bad stuff. Not just what you think they need to know about. They need to know about all of it. Hitler was real. What he did was real and it affected millions of lives. Che, was real. He was not good. He is not just a figure on a T-shirt. He is not a status symbol. He was a madman. He was a murderer. He is not to be revered. Mao was not a great philosopher. He was a wackjob. The list goes on and on. And do our youth know any of this? No. They know the long and ridiculous way to get to X from Y. They know that being a bully is bad, but if they stand up for themselves from a bully, they are just as bad. They know its ok to preach religion from the front of a T-shirt, or by the clothes you wear but to love God, or Jesus Christ openly, will get them removed from school. These are the things of nightmares, and its being shoved down our kids throats on a daily basis.

I could go on and on, but this was just a blog to complain about the fact that I had to take a day out of my schedule and be home with my kids, who I love, but who need to be in school and again, they are not.

I love teachers. They have, ok, had an admirable job. And frankly, its not their faults. They are just doing the job that was given to them following the protocol that was provided. So maybe, it’s the system in a whole that should change?

Don’t shoot the messenger.


2 responses to “The A B C’s of…what?

  1. I don’t have kids yet, but I have many friends who are teachers of all grades in schools public and private. Believe me, teachers hate the system as much as, if not more than, the parents.
    Here in Texas, public schools have the TAKS test every year (when I was in school it was called the TAAS, and it was administered every two or three years, and no one cared about it). Teachers are forced to create lesson plans that pander to this test, and only this test. If a school does not produce sufficient TAKS scores, that school loses funding (talk about irony). For that reason (and many others) the test is idiotic. It doesn’t measure intelligence, it measures test taking skills. If a teacher is forced to devote half of her teaching time to standardized test-taking protocol, that time is wasted. Not every child can be pigeon-holed into the same homogeneous mold. Then parents get mad at the teachers because they don’t feel like their kids are learning anything, but the teachers’ hands are tied.
    I feel sorry for teachers. I feel sad for my friends who wanted so badly to make a difference in the world, but are now shackled to the unrealistic expectations created by standardized testing. Many of them have quit to pursue other careers because they couldn’t handle the bureaucracy and the stress that comes with blame for something beyond their control.
    We are already saving money to send our non-existent kids to private school.

  2. Great piece Darby. We wonder what A.D.D. is all about. Well maybe if kids knew how to concentrate for periods of time we wouldn’t have to pump them full of drugs to get them to do the simplest of tasks. And lazy, lazy, lazy. I don’t have my own children but I have a 25 yr old stepson and nephews and nieces. And plenty ‘o friends with chilren under the age of 25. WOW! When I was a child we had a list of chores to be completed on weekends. Now kids are only expected to do 1 task over the weekend and they complain they are “tired” and “need a break”. Cleaning my room (if I ever let it get to be a mess) took maybe 1-2 hrs. How is that a weekend-long chore, arguing the whole time, sometimes sobbing (hormonal teenagers)? AHH!!

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