There’s something in the water…

Before I get into the subject behind the title of this blog, I’m going to ask of you your thoughts on something. I was piecing together the items of my story when I decided to use this title. I then had to stop and think hard about it. “There’s something in the water…” What does that mean? Why do we say that? This blog will eventually segue into the stories of multiple pregnant women in one area, which inspired my title, but I still wonder where the saying came from.

Are we to believe that somewhere, some town had something in their water supply that had the adverse effect on women as to cause pregnancy? And if so, why only some of the women? Why not all of the women? (With the exception of those who were physically unable to produce children or become pregnant). And the water? Was there some kind of magical detection source that knew how to differentiate between the women?

Yes readers. These are the sort of ideas and thoughts that flood my brain on a daily basis.

Back to the feature of this blog. “And now, we return you to your regularly scheduled programming already in progress…”

I know a TON of Prego’s all of a sudden!! And I mean that in the most heartfelt way possible. It just amazes me, that in one singular snippet of time in my life; I am surrounded by so much future life…it amazes me.

And it makes me long for a baby of my own. But, Alas. God has said, “Mrs. Gates, you have two beautiful children you can call your own.  You have enough. You have a Russell. Do you REALLY want more of that?”

A good friend of mine is expecting her third baby in August. Another friend of mine is expecting her third baby in…August. My niece is expecting her first baby in…August. I have a new friend who I think is delivering in late July – early…August…hey, wait a min….

Maybe there really IS something in the water…

Only problem…not all of them are in the same area. So…is it in ALL of the water…???

This will be a mystery to me for as long as the sun is hot.

And I cannot wait to see each and every cute chubby newborn face that pops out!!

Congrats Prego’s! You are going to have BE-U-TI-FUL children.


2 responses to “There’s something in the water…

  1. The real question is: “What the heck was going on those first two weeks in November?” 🙂

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