Wow, it’s like the (2)4th of July in here!!

Not being originally from Salt Lake City, and having only lived here for 2 years, is a learning experience.

Today (the 24th of July) is a State Holiday, Pioneer Day.

It’s a celebration of Brigham Young and his followers entrance into the Salt Lake Valley back in 1847.

I’ve lived in a few states. This is the only one that I have ever lived in that allows a celebration of a religious sect to affect the schedules and closures of major businesses in a state.

The whole day is far from uninteresting. And I am not talking about the historical background.

We live about a block away from the largest celebration location. It packs in thousands of people for music and booths, and arts and crafts and at 10pm a delightful fireworks celebration that will rival the ones you see on Independence Day.

And THAT is not even what I am talking about.

The entertainment value for this day is watching the people park. They park anywhere they darn well please. In your driveway, blocking your driveway, moving the barricades to park in the places you mark as no parking. Don’t go anywhere on the 24th. You’ll never be able to park again. And the drunk to sober ratio is 10:1. Easy.

We have a house full of UofU Football players across the street from us. They hang out on their roof. They jump off, fall off, roll off…that too, is very entertaining.

If you are ever in SLC in the month of July, and near the 24th, please head over to my house. We can sit around, have a nice chilled glass of wine and watch the spectacle take place.

Bonus factor: My birthday is on the 25th. It’d like an early Birthday present.

And my camera didn’t work.

Until next year!!



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