Once upon a time, I just bought furniture because I needed it.

And it served an exact purpose.

I needed a side table to go between my living room chairs.  So I went out and bought a nondescript table.

I needed a desk for my sad computer. So I went out and bought a nondescript desk.

And on and on and on I went with my boring, purposeful furniture.

I dreamed of something different. Something that no one else would have. I dreamed of a color other than knotty pine or orange oak.

I really wanted a nice dining room table. I had been hauling around a dinky old set I bought out of desperation 15 years ago from Kmart. It just wasn’t cutting it any more.

We lived in Coastal Oregon at the time and we had a Walmart, a Bi Mart, a Fred Myers or a Thrift Store.

Guess where I went?

I bought myself a six chair, 8 ft queen anne style Ethan Allen table for $100. It was orange and brown and had little floral print seats.

It was ugly and glorious all at the same time.

I knew I needed to make it perfect.

I set out and stripped that puppy down to bare wood, painted it a gorgeous sage green and added espresso brown suede seats to match the espresso stained table top.

I loved this table. I worked hard on this table. I used this table for 2 years.

Then we moved to SLC and into a darling 100 yr old sugarhouse cottage.

It was either my table or my living room.

I had to sell my beautiful table.

I made $550 from that table.

This, boys and girls, is how I knew that I was going to be transforming furniture for the rest of my life.

Before the transformation

Before the transformation

Espresso stained top. Look at that grain!

Espresso stained top. Look at that grain!

The finished table.

The finished table.


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