So let it be written.

You like food? You talk about food? You write about food? Then you are called a foodie.

I like books. I talk about books. I write books. I guess you would call me a bookie…er, uh..or something like that.

I have my favorite authors. Those who I follow closely.

James Patterson. I love his books. He is my all time favorite mystery and suspense author. I read just about anything he writes. Except for the Alex Cross novels. I just can’t get into those.

Jonathan Kellerman. Alex Delaware and his cohort Milo Sturgis have me by their little fingers. Again, great crime and mystery author.

Patricia Cornwell. In my secret life, I am Kay Scarpetta’s assistant ME and we are BFF’s and we drink lots of wine and eat lots of expensive cheese together. I like her.

Harlen Coben. I have just recently discovered this little bald gem. he has a fast paced, go-get-em-with-all-you-got writing style that grabs me and locks me in. Seriously, I read one of his books in one sitting (ok, so in like 6 hours).

Stephen King. Anyone who is anyone who reads books should have this man on your top authors list. He is not always horror and gore. OK, mostly, but he is just a fantastic writer.

I do pick up the occasional random novel from those who I have not read before. I am like little kids looking for books or toys. If the cover looks interesting, I see what you have to offer. In no way do I recommend this as a form of choosing your reads, but it works for me.

As I read books, I will take a moment and give you my review. This is my personal opinion and feel free to take it and use it at your own discretion. let me know what you think about them. Love em’ or hate em’, tell me about it. It gives me something else to read.

Happy reading.


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