And without a tragic death, even.

I take that back. There is death in this book. I mean, come on. It wouldn’t be a Nicholas Sparks book without it. But it’s not a death of a character that you are totally emotionally vulnerable to. At least not one I was attached to in any way.

Let me explain.

I just finished the book Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. I actually read the entire novel in 2 days, on my Kindle for the iPhone. The story is his a-typical boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, girl has unfinished issues, boy gets swept up in those unfinished issues, someone gets hurt or dead, the end. This in no way detracts from the story. It helps push the story along. I would almost say this falls more into the mystery category than the romance category.

Oh, there is plenty of romance. I think if he left any of that out, the female reading population would go into revolt. Katie is 20 something waitress in a small North Carolina Coast town (shocking), who carries a deep deep DEEP secret with her wherever she goes. She stays to herself, never making friends or close contacts. Lives a meager life in a small run-down cottage at the end of town. She is new to the town, only been around for 6 months, but to her, it feels like eternity. Alex is a 30 something who owns the local stop and shop in town. He is a single dad of two (widower), who struggles with the idea of being a single dad of anything. Cutting to the chase, Katie shops at Alex’s store, they meet, they flirt, she plays hard to get. She is comfortable around his children and that is what leads to a “first date” of sorts. She is invited to a family day at the beach. And it all begins from there.

Alex builds her a bike, because she walks everywhere and doesn’t drive. This send her over the edge. Her one and only friend, who just so happens to live in the little crappy cottage next door to her, thins she is being ridiculous and helps her see the good in this guy and his intentions. Jo, her friend, is a little flighty and unpredictable, but something about her makes Katie trust her.

Kate opens up to Jo, a little, about her past and even though she told herself she would never get to close to anyone, she is falling for Alex the shop keep. Jo, explains that she knows Alex and wants nothing more than Katie to be happy, but warns her against breaking his heart. Katie takes some offense to this and questions her small friendship with Jo.

Alex gets up the nerve to ask Katie out and after a little while she accepts. On the condition that Alex has dinner with her at her place, and that she cooks. He heads over with a couple of bottles of wine. The conversation goes from casual to her pouring out her soul to him. She tells him who she really is (not a Katie but an Erin) and that she is actually married, but on the run from an abusive husband. This in no way makes Alex feel any less for her.

On an outing at the town Carnival, Katie has the feeling that she is being watched. She is. Her crazy husband has learned about her whereabouts and has come to claim his bride. He is a detective with the Boston PD and will take all means to get back what belongs to him. Chaos ensues.

This, boys and girls, is where I leave off. No need to give it all away. Go grab the book. It’s a good, easy, interesting read. If you are already a Nicholas Sparks fan, you shan’t be disappointed. And if you are a Kindle lover like I am, grab a cup of coffee, download it and enjoy. You’ll never have to put down the coffee cup to turn pages.



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