The Gates Family Circus.

Dont teach your children this.

Conversation that took place sometime after school one day when I was feeling rather juvenile. Juvenile is mom speak for “what was I thinking?”.

Russell: I want a juice bag

Me: You’re a juice bag

Russell: No I’m not. You’re a juice bag.

Me: No. You are.

Russell: No, Mom. You are. You’re a juice bag. Uh huh. Now can I have one?

Me: One what?

Russell: A juice bag Mom, a juice bag.

Me: You’re a juice bag.

Russell: MOM!!!

Now what do you think he calls his sister?


Juice bag.


One response to “The Gates Family Circus.

  1. And what does mom do? Children are such a wonderful reflection of us and it keeps us in check. How many lessons did you glean from that?

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