A Horse is a Horse…

I have a teenager.

This astounds me. I am old enough to have a kid that ends in “ager”.


How did she celebrate her turning of the teenage-dom? By riding a horse. Then falling off the horse. And then ending up in the ER with a leg injury.

Horse-1, Jacqui-0.

She was riding with a friend at the stable and had to cross the road to get to a path. Two cars, traveling in opposite directions, reached the peak of the hill at which they (the girls and the horses) were atop (tell me that didn’t just sound like a math equation…), spooking the horse my daughter was on, causing said horse to rear up, loosing its gait and falling on top of my kid, trapping the saddle between her and the 1 billion ton animal (probably an exaggeration). She suffered some bruised tendons and nerves, but nothing was broken.

It could have been so much worse.

I was not there when this all took place. I hate seeing my children suffer, especially when I cannot be there to hold their hand and kiss them and tell them its all going to be OK. Her friends mother did a wonderful job contacting me immediately after the indecent, letting me know that Jacqui was hurt but not seriously. They luckily have a first responder at the stables, who saw to her and made sure she wasn’t in shock or knocked out. She was scared and shaken up. Oh, and really really sore.

The ER staff were fantastic and making sure she was taken care of, and quickly. I can’t say enough nice things about the hospital personnel. I’d kiss each and every one of them, but I think that is against HIPAA regulations or OSHA or something like that.

She was sent home with a semi-clean bill of health, some pain meds (she was pumped full of morphine while she was there…lol, she is a RIOT when she is doped up…) and a set of crutches, that her little brother has laid claim too when she is done with them. She is excused from school for a week (she cannot stand or put any pressure on that leg), or better yet…PE for a week. She gets out of her chores and gets to lay around and demand of us drinks and food and stuff.

I refuse to buy her a little bell.

I am so thankful that she is safe and ok. And thankful that someday she is willing to get back in the saddle again. Pun intended.


2 responses to “A Horse is a Horse…

  1. Did you know you could write before you started the blog?

    • I did in a silent, no one wants to read this stuff, sort of way. Blogging is a realease for me. I get in a grove when I write and I go to another place. A place where everyone thinks I am interesting and funny and full of wit. Its somewhere deep in the back of my head somewhere. 🙂 Thanks for following.

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