Here comes Peter Cottontail.

Easter is just a few weeks away (April 24th). Many of us parents dread the commercialized crap that is being pushed on us by the large corporate big box and national chain grocery markets. Thank goodness for me, I only have one kid who still believes that The Easter Bunny is going to make his way into our living-room and leave him a glorious treat filled basket on the coffee table for him to see when he wakes up.

Oh, you still believe that too? Well, er…he is. He IS!

For those who do not want to pass on a tub of sugar coma inducing treats, but would still like to participate in the time honored tradition of a basket of some sort, here are a few (some old and some new) natural and organic ideas to work with.

1. Make a Leprechaun Ring.

Ok, so this isn’t exactly Easter-ish, but it is adorable and not to tricky. You could adapt the tutorial to make bunnies or chicks I could imagine. Love in the Suburbs has an array of wonderful ideas that she shares on this family friendly blog.

2. Molded Crayons.

What kid doesn’t like to color? Who doesn’t like to use their imagination to create pictures and stories all of their own? Why not do so with some super cool crayons? Not your ordinary box of drawing sticks, cool molded into awesome shapes crayons. Jill at Homemade by Jill shows us how.

3. Chalk Paint.

If your children like to color or draw, they’ll LOVE to paint! Check out this chalk paint by Skip To My Lou.

4. Shaving Cream Painted Cards.

If you are in our family, we love to hand make gifts and items we can hang around the house on special occasions. This is a fun and messy (which is always fun) craft to do with the kids. Bust out the shaving cream and follow these step by step instructions from Little Wonders Days.

5. Crepe Paper Carrots.

I wouldn’t leave these out for the bunny, but I would put them on the Easter Table as a centerpiece. Just darling. Learn at Just Drink a Coke.

6. Jelly Bean Necklace.

Ok, so maybe you must have ONE candy item to give. This necklace by Lisa Loves Holidays is a hoot. I am not a fan of peeps, but the idea of them as jewelry is intriguing.

So, there you have it. Fun handmade gifts and crafts to do by yourself or with your children. If you have other great ideas, feel free to share!


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