I’ll have my lawyer contact your lawyer…

A conversation held today between me and the kids…

Jacqui: “Mom, there is blue stuff seeping out from under the toilet!”

Me: “What?? What do you mean blue stuff???”

(Seriously folks, its dayglo blue…neon like vibrancy. And kids put this in their mouths…)

Jacqui: “It looks like that blue mouthwash stuff Russell uses when he brushes his teeth. Maybe he poured it into the toilet…”

Me: “Why would he…no, don’t answer that.”

Me: “Russell!! Come here…”

(galloping sounds and things crashing in a path of destruction before he appears before me.)

Me: “Did you pour your mouthwash down the toilet?”

(In his most serious voice, with a serious look, using serious hand gestures. Think Perry Mason…)

Russell: “I MAY have tried to pur some into a cup, and it MAY have spilt because it fell off the sink, and MAY have hit the side of the toilet. Maybe.”

And with that…how can you be mad? It MAY have been an accident.



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