Lil’ Lava Jars

The Boy is attracted to messes. Anything messy or has the potential to become messy, he is all over it.

That isn’t always a bad thing.

We were looking for some fun quick “boredom cures” online and as I was scrolling though my many blogs I follow he saw a photo and yelled “STOP!! What IS that?”

We took a look and decided that we too were going to make these fun Lava Lamps as seen here at My Crafted Sparrow.

I didn’t have any empty large-ish jars on hand and I wasn’t going to run out and purchase any fancy schmancy water bottles (I do love me some Voss water though…), but I did have little glass jars we could use, so we adapted the instructions to make mini lava jars.

These are quick and fun and entertaining. I even got my 15 yr old to join in on the fun, and usually anything messy scares her off.

(funny, she does have to live in her room, and that place is a disaster!!)

Mini Lava Jars


1. Fill your jar half full of veg. oil (my photo shows water, but that is to judge what half the water you’ll need will be)


2. In another container, we used one that had a poor spout, add a few (up to 3) drops of your choice of food coloring and stir to blend. For some reason, yellow doesn’t work, maybe it reacts to the oil funny. I don’t know…I didn’t look it up.

3. Poor slowly, the colored water into the oil.


4. Gently turn the jar over a few times to see the lava like reaction. Careful, if you shake the jar, it all just mixes together and you’ll have to wait a day to see it separate. And your 8 yr old gets really mad in the process and, well…that’s just NO fun for anyone. When it does work, you’ll get mesmerized and freakishly excited kids as shown below. (I apologize for The Boys outfit, he stayed the night at his buddies house and I have no control over his fashion once he leaves the house…)



Have fun with them!



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