Salt Lake Swamp People Lanterns.

You read that right.

Swamp People.

This was Mr. Gates reaction to my newest project for our porch. (Though when all was said and done, he really did like them)

I was scouring the Internets looking for creative and cheap (as in free) lighting ideas for outdoors, when I came across this fun tutorial from my sisters suitcase.

I wasn’t wanting anything all that elaborate, and I didn’t have any trash cans I could dismantle, but I did have a dozen or so empty mason (OK, Kerr) jars in my craft stash I could play with. I have wanted some sort of soft light for me and the mister to sit on the porch with, without having to turn on the evasive overhead light. These jar lanterns looked easy enough and actually produces a beautiful effect. Great to read under, sip cocktails under or even dance under. (watch out Mr. Gates, I may drag you out there one night to sway with me…)

I like them so much, I may look into doing some more to line our walkway with.

Here we go…

Mason or Canning Jar Candle Lanterns

1. Take your jar and remove the lid. Mine happened to have the removable center lid section, so I just took that out. You may need to cut that center part out. If you do, be careful. Its sharp. File it down the best you can.

2. Take your wire and measure around the outer lip of the jar, between the bottom line and the middle screw line (get that?). Cut a few inches over and twist that part together tightly. Try tying it, It’s loads of fun. Really.

3. Take another section of wire and cut about the same amount that you cut before. This will make your handle. Slide one end of the wire under the wire already wrapped around the jar. Secure it with a tight twist. Do the same on the opposite side. Screw lid onto jar.

4 (and 4b). Take chain and measure out about 16 loops. Find a strong guy cut the 17th loop off to remove that length. Those loop sections really fly once cut. Its crazy…

5 and 6. Take some small 2 in sections of wire and make loops for both ends of the chain. One will be to hang from your hook (oh yeah, get some good outdoor plant or deck hooks from your big box diy store). The end that attached the jar to the hook, has to be looped through the handle to hang. Once those are secure, add your candles and (screw the hooks into your porch) wait until dusk and light and enjoy.

These took me all of about 2 hrs to put together and hang. Lots of ooos and aaahs from the neighbors.

Hope to see some that you make!

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