Slip Slidin’ Away…

Took The Boy to Seven Peaks Water Park yesterday as an early Birthday festivity.We had purchased the Pass of all passes back in March, and figured it was high time we used them (plus it was about 98 degrees yesterday, so why not?)

Let me list the things I learned from this trip:

1. When you pay $130. for 4 passes, they SHOULD include the tubes that are REQUIRED to ride the slides (just sayin’).

2. Have one designated non rider person sit by the priceless tubes when not in use, because not honest snotty children will just take them at will.

3. Hit the gym before climbing the tower of doom, otherwise known as the stairs, while hauling a huge inflated tube and keeping your over excited kid from falling over the edge.

4. Write a letter telling the park to figure out how to have two riders go down the slide withOUT losing the tube and scraping up elbows, hands, knees and face. (personal experience).

5. Eat lunch at home first. You must be a multi-millionaire to get food for a family of three.

6. LOTS of sunscreen and water shoes are a MUST. Cement and HOT fake grass do a number on your tootsies.

All in all it was a fun day. The Boy swears he will NEVER go down a slide again, after tipping out of the tube on two of them, but he will climb 20 feet and jump off the rock into the pool or swing from the fraying rope swing. Go figure.


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