Super (Insert title here…)

He doesn’t wear tights (though I am quite sure his legs could pull it off…)

He doesn’t have a cape.

Or a mask.

He doesn’t fly in on a magic spaceship, or drive in a magic car, or ride a magic bike.

He doesn’t use a magic wand (but he does carry a big stick, and will wield it if necessary).

He does however know how to fix just about anything. For just about anyone (ask the neighbor kids who had the broken bike for months and in an instant, he figured it out and made the bike cool again…)

He can perform miracles like Johnny on the Spot.

He wows us all with the ability to teach right from wrong, good vs evil and still make us smile with his goofy humor.

He can scold the naughty, comfort the hurt and warm the hearts of all of us.

He is Dad to two, Husband to one and a friend to all.

And he is the love of my life.


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