The many phases of a Table.

On a whim (I am known to do this on occasion), I purchased a dining room set from our local thrift shop. I wasn’t really in the market for a dining room table, but I felt overcome by the need to buy it.

It was just sitting there, in its own corner of the storeroom, looking lonely and in desperate need for a loving home and a tender touch to make it just the right table for some nice family with 2.5 kids and a dog…(again, I had this entire conversation in my head the minute I spotted it).

For less than $100.00, this baby could be mine all mine.

And it was.

And I bought it.

And so it sat.

For 4 days.

In the store.

Because I didn’t have a truck to haul it home in. This is the perils of my spontaneous buying sprees. Buy now, think later.

Once Mr. Gates decided that he was going to tie it to the top of our Jeep (cause he is good like that), and once we offloaded our currently perfectly good dining room table to our friends, he went down and picked it up for me.

And this is where my story begins.

The table was quite nice. If you were into Casual French Country Charm. It was a nice cream color, with a light pine top and chairs that had a sort of beige with a small dainty flower pattern on them.

Not me. Not me at all.

I wish I took a before photo of the table as it was, but alas, I did not. I did however take lots of the progress we made.

Ok. Progress Mr. Gates made.

He did all the work.

This is the pads that were on the chair before I ripped them off and added the brown cover you see to them. Much nicer.

Mr. Gates sanding down the table to begin the process of evolution…

Mr. Gates being…Mr. Gates, while sanding down said table. Always silly, he is.

This was just too…country kitchen for me. (The green paint is mine…its not too country kitchen).

After we he had the table sanded down and cleaned, we thought it would be nice to stain it to a dark wood color. We chose Espresso stain, bought the supplies and Mr. Gates got to work.

Only to discover that not all the original finish came off with the sanding. So we had to make a decision. We decided to paint it a deep dark color, Black Bread it was called. So, the journey of the painting began.

Black Bread color as it dries. This was freshly painted. Hmmm…sorta purple.

Dried. Kinda eggplant.

This is after the first coat of polyurethane. Still…purple-ish. And not exactly what we were going for.

So…we Mr. Gates took another two days (oh, did I tell you to get to this place, it took him 2 1/2 days), and sanded the table down.

All the way down.

To bare wood.

While he was doing this, I worked on the chairs (that he had already done in that 1st 2 1/2 days. I was in charge of touch up. That’s all we can trust me with. Trust me.)

I let Mr. Gates re-pad them for me. Again…the whole trust me with stuff issue.

It’s OK. I totally would screw it up.

After hours turned into days, and days turned into a week, and a week turned into the rest of his God-given life…

The table was completed this morning.

And its Be-U-ti-ful.

Its breathtaking. And so original. And so NOT what I imagined, but a bagazillion times better.

This was my spontaneous purchase, turned valentines day present.

And I (heart) him for it.


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