Yard, Garage or Wherever Sale.


It’s in the throes of Summer and no matter where I drive, I run into a billion taped up cardboard signs on light poles informing me of what I could be missing at their sale.

My son is now eight and has decided that we too, need to tape up a sign on a light pole and sell our wares. He tells me, “Mom, we are getting too much stuff.” I let him know that seems like a great idea, and we are going to begin by going through all of his toys.

He didn’t like that answer too much.

I took a peek into my basement/storage are and agreed with him.


For years and years, I was a collector or things. Nothing really specific. Just seemed to collect everyone else’s junk. I have done well with getting rid of a lot of it, but I think it goes into hiding and procreates and makes new stuff. I could swear that last summer when we had a yard sale, we got rid of it all.

Guess not.

So, this week I am planning on (planning on, not holding that one in stone), going through my stuff, my kids stuff, my husbands stuff (which really is nothing because he keeps nothing) and gearing up for another sale. I may even toss in a few custom chairs and tables to the mix to draw a crowd.

Question(s): What do you collect? Do you have WAY too much of it? And how often do you have a yard sale or shop at yard sales?


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