A Year in the making…

I have been struggling with the idea of dinner. I think I have gotten to the point that I am repeating meals over and over and that is boring not only me, but those who are forced to eat it.

Its been too easy to just do the same thing over and over without putting forth much effort. Only problem with that is, the response and reaction to each meal has been less and less enthusiastic, sometimes downright shunned. I mean, they are choosing NOT to eat. This family has never had an issue with eating.

Time to take control back over my kitchen.

I am going to break out my handy-dandy (notebook? nope) cookbooks and recipe files and scour the internet for delicious meals that will appease everyone. My goal is to not repeat a meal in a 2 week period and to introduce preparations that we have never had before.

Should be easy right?

I am also going to change the way we buy our food. I am going to start really focusing on organic and meats that are not treated with any chemical compounds. Lessen our red meat intake and get more poultry into the diet. Sadly, I am not a fish person, and either is my family. I am looking into a CSA program and hopefully will be able to support our local growers.

So, today is Monday. What better a day to start then at the beginning.

Mark your calendars friends, and help me on my journey. Suggest meals. Send me recipes. I will post my results weekly. I cannot do it without you!


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