Big Puffy.

These are really quite good.

I am not complaining about them in any way shape or form.

But some day’s, I just want the cookie my Mom used to make.

Flat, chewy, not totally cooked all the way in the center, chocolate chip cookies.

For now, I will be pleased with my fluffy puffy versions.

I have a go to recipe, but today I wanted to try something a little different.

I found a recipe that was supposed to garner me 10-15 HUGE cookies. Mine were pretty big, and I managed 19.

I took this recipe and adapted it to my usual recipe and although these are great, I like my usual. Sometime I may share that one with you.


This recipe by Picky Palate is a good version of those giant big box bakery store types.

BIG Bakery Style CC Cookies

Now, usually I show you what ingredients we need, but I totally forgot to snap photos of the process. I did, however, scour the Internets and find pics of what is called for (Thank you Google Images and all those awesome people out there who had photos of the stuff I needed. I am “borrowing” your great pics to make my point 🙂

So, what do we need?

We need:




Put all of these (make sure the butter is softened) in your mixer and mix until creamy, about 3-4 min on med-high.

Add some of this:




Along with my secret ingredient…OK, you twisted my arm…



Now mix this all together so it is incorporated.

You may HAVE to stick your finger in to test the goodness, but that maybe just a ‘me’ thing.

Now, you should have mixed all this together in a separate bowl and set aside:









If so, now is the time to slowly add this to the wet ingredients and mix well in-between.


Once it’s all together, you can fold in these:



Take your cookie sheet and grease it, or use a silpat or a sheet of parchment paper and scoop out HUGE scoops (about 1/4 cup size scoops) and space them evenly. Press down on the cookies to flatten slightly.

Bake in preheated 375 degree oven for 13-16 (Mine were perfect at 14) minutes. Let cool on pan for one minute and then transfer to rack.

This is what you should get:



Seal in air tight container for up to a week or freeze for a few (if they last that long).

Here are a few things I found along the way.

Reduce the flour by about 2 Tbsp. And if you can, use Cake flour.

Use more vanilla, I think I will up this to 2 tsp next time.

You can use equal amts of brown to white sugars or use all of one or the other. I may do an all brown sugar cookie once to see if I like that flavor better.

Under-cook them slightly. Mine were great at 14 min, but If I took them out at maybe 12 min, they’d be way chewier.

These make OUTSTANDING cookies for ice cream sandwiches.

Do you have a go to cookie recipe?








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