Tasty Tidbits

Here I go again.

I find a recipe that is OUT OF THIS WORLD…and I change it.

Make it…mine per say.

Improve it, tweak it, fandangle it up a bit.

Not that there was anything wrong with the original. At all.

I just wanted my spin on it.

So now I will share.

Steak Bites.

Original recipe here

Mine as follows…

1 lb of Top Sirloin or New York Steak

Sea Salt (enough to make you feel good about the amount of salt you are dousing these puppies with)

Freshly Ground Black Pepper (yea, same as the salt)

2 tbsp Unsalted Butter (ok, more like 4-6 tbsp…but thats just me)

2 tbsp minced garlic

2 tbsp minced onion

1-2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

1-2 tbsp Port Wine (or just a really good red wine. None of this cooking, table stuff)

Trim steaks of as much fat and gristle you can possibly trim off. Cut steaks into nice bit size pieces. Big enough for a good bite. Place all pieces into a large glass bowl. Add all other ingredients (not the butter, not yet) and stir around to make sure that the steak is covered evenly. Mix some more.

heat up a large cast iron skillet (I am SO not afraid of you iron pan, NO MORE), or nice heavy-duty skillet, like a wok, over med-high, more on the high side, and add 2 tbsp butter. You may want to ventilate. And tell your neighbors that you are NOT trying to burn down your house. This could get a little smokey. Allow the butter to melt. Now, we all know where I stand on melted butter. You don’t just melt it. You BROWN it. Get it all nice and brown. Think, caramel for the meat…mmmm.

Add the steak in small batches. (I have my oven on warm and have a platter inside so I can transfer the done pieces and start on a new batch). DO NOT cook until well done. No sir re bob…this is a moo’ing sort of dish. You WANT a little pink inside (um, that sounded so…dirty, didn’t it?). Just get a nice even cooked piece of bite and call it good (it will still kind of cook as it sits). Listen for the sizzle. When it dwindles, get the meat out of the pan! repeat until all meat is done.

In the hot, carmalized pan, add….more butter. BROWN it. Add more wine. More garlic. More salt. More pepper. More onion. Whisk. Make sweet sweet love with a sauce…hahahaa (ok, slightly carried away on that…). Pour this amazing concoction over the bites. yea, just pour it on, covering it all in yummy hot goodness.

Now, eat it. With your hands. No forks allowed. Just pick them up, and pop them in your mouth. Go on. It’s ok. cave-women did it for years like this. And look where it got them.

Thank you Pioneer Woman. You have inspired me.


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