Its been a long and winding road…

On March 25th, my Dad went home to my Mother. He went peacefully with a smile of his face. really, he was grinning. It was a sad, tragic and amazing sight to behold.

My life has been a roller coaster for months now, between us becoming his full-time caregivers, my going back to school and starting work, its been hard to get on here and blog about life. Now, I seem to have a little (A WEE little) more time on my schedule and I will do my bestest to keep up with this. Bare with me, will ya?

Soooo…we decided to take on some much-needed house projects. We started with remodeling our office area. Mr. Gates ripped out some old cupboards and cabinets and we put in a nice small desk and some bookcases. Oh, it’s just quaint and lovely. Next we moved some furniture around in the bedrooms and installed some cable and new TV’s in the kids rooms. Now Mr. Gates is in the bathroom (cursing like a truck driver, mind you) installing a new sink. Good times. All in all, we are blessed to be able to take on these much-needed projects and get them done in a swift and timely manner.

This weekend we will finish packing up my dads house and storing the goods. Do you have any idea how much STUFF that man packed into his little house. Oy Vey!

Until I can dig myself out of my home improvement nightmare…


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