Turkey Day Countdown – Day 1

This year I am going to be uber prepared for the Feast of all Feasts. I have had my menu lined out for about 2 1/2 weeks, with minimal changes. I have most of the items I need, I will get the perishables on Wed morning (no repeat of the great pepper disaster of 2005).

Join me in my quest to be Martha’s evil twin.

Day 1:

I am spending my afternoon making ALL the pie crusts, cooked and uncooked. This will eliminate a treacherous step come Wed morning. I have 2 basic butter crusts, a pecan cinnamon crust and a cinnamon graham cracker crust to prepare. The butter crusts will be the most time consuming as it is all from scratch. (Remind me come Monday after Thanksgiving as to why I can’t just buy a pre made crust, will you?) I hope to have all of the crust recipes posted this evening. Bare with me.

What is your Turkey Day Countdown looking like?


2 responses to “Turkey Day Countdown – Day 1

  1. My countdown:
    Wednesday: Work.
    Thursday: drive 4 hours to parents’ house and put up with parental stresses while stuffing self silly, then endure a quiet afternoon while dad naps.
    Friday: drive 4 hours back, resettle my kitties safely away from dad, and go to work.


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