Oh, oobee doo…

(Name the movie)

I have a twist on the old favorite called Monkey Bread. Sometimes I like to take the easy way to my road of yumminess.

Don’t get me wrong, there are days where I take all the time and all the steps in the world to get it perfect, but today, Black Friday, the day of rush rush rush (and wait wait wait, and fights and women wrestling like sweaty old men to get that one stupid toy they know their kid is only going to play with once and throw on the floor to only get lost amongst all the other “must have” Black Friday toys they had to have and you had to fight like a crazy person over from years past…phew, ok. I feel better), I am going the quick route.

I’m hungry and I have things to do.

And I have to decorate.

Priorities people. Priorities.

Monkey Bread (the fast version)

3 cans of Pillsbury Cinnabon rolls (not grands)

1/4 C cinnamon Sugar (put cinnamon and sugar together, mix)

Set your oven for 350 degrees.

Spray entirely the inside of a bundt pan.

Separate the rolls and cut into quarters. Roll each section in cinnamon sugar mixture and layer on the bottom of the pan. Heat up the icing tub that comes with the rolls, for 20 second in the microwave (remove the little metal lid…please). Stir, and pour over the layer of rolls. Repeat until all cans have been used. Bake for 30 minutes. Cool for 5-7 min and flip over onto cake plate. Eat RIGHT NOW.

Easy and scrumptous.

And shopping I must go.



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