Leftover schmeftover.

Cold pizza. Blech.

Day old Chinese food. Yuck.

Anything from the night before. I cannot do it.

I have Leftoveraphobia. The fear of food that was made and stored in the fridge over a 24 hour prior.

Some people cannot have certain food groups, or any of their food touching. Some cannot eat food due to their dislike of texture, or taste or even color.

I don’t care what kind of food it is. If you made it yesterday, DO NOT feed it to me today.

Yet, here I sit, blogging to you all about my weird food phobia, and leftover spaghetti is heating up for my family.

Hey, I don’t have to eat it.

But they do.



One response to “Leftover schmeftover.

  1. COMPLETELY AGREEE!!! I DO NOT do leftovers!!! Icky, bleck!

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